Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bubby update...

Ok, I just had one of those mumnesia moments when I wrote that last post, Levi was actually 85 cm and Dallas was 90 cm at 18 months!
Today Levi weighs 13.5 kg and is 90.5 cm tall and Dallas weight 16.5 cm and is 96 cm tall. So before long they will both be over 6 foot tall (at least I will have a few tall men around the house to reach things for me!) The worst part is the nurses always look at me after measuring them and ask "so how tall is dad?" Yes, I'm short, I get it, sheesh!
For those that noticed, yeah, in that last picture I was a little fed up, I was hoping towards the end when I had doctors visits he would tell me I was getting too big or something and we would have to take them out, hahaha... it never happened! By 36 weeks I considered begging him, lol.
I was so glad to hear I was not the only one to have tummy accidents, doors were not my friend for quite a few months, and I always felt so awful when I bumped the bump.
So, I hope to be back soon with a crafty post for you. I have a few images all coloured up and waiting to be carded. I have been getting a bit stuck with that part :)

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