Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More wedding pictures...

I received the photos one of my cousin took of our wedding on Christmas day and so I now have something to show you... finally!!
This is my totally awesome wedding car (owned by the best man, pretty convenient, huh! lol) A photo of Levi in his tiny suit looking adorable (he screamed when he saw a camera that day so as a result we don't have many photos of him mid tantrum)

One of all of us, Dallas loved my flowers and would not stop poking them, hahaha. The photographer got a shot of all of us actually smiling in this pose, the only one of us all together on the day.

This pic was taken before the last one while we were waiting for Levi to decide to join us, there is actually a few where you can tell we are frantically waving out arms and trying to call him over, bahaha!!

This photo, when I first saw it, melted my heart!! He just looks so darn angelic, I can't get over how perfect this photo is!

One of the happy couple out in the sun, did I mention it was the only Saturday down here that it did not rain all month. I think the local cricket clubs may have only played 2 matches before Christmas because every Saturday has been a wet one.

Here is Levi, during the ceremony... I had no idea he was even down there playing cars! I do remember at one point him lying down on the floor at the end of the aisle, what a dag, it did make us laugh though :)

And last of all our wedding cake! One of my bridesmaids has been emailing pictures of it to everyone saying she wants it for her wedding cake too, lol!
I hope you liked my little piccies, I do have a card to show you, a Christmas card I did not get around to showing before Christmas... whoops! So hopefully I will get a chance to post that later today :)


♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

Aww your boys are ADORABLE!!! You ;look absolutly stunning!!! AND OMG THAT CAKE!!!! wow!!
Kristy xo

Kylie said...

I can't believe Princess didn't demand your crown??? lol. You all look absolutely gorgeous Fran. The boys look adorable and that cake!! wowsers. Awesome! Glad the sun shone for you.