Monday, January 25, 2010

TGF relay - day 2

It's day two, hope you are all remembering to stretch first and keep hydrated. I would like you all to meet Charlotte, isn't he a cutie, makes me think of the pink ladies in Grease :) I followed the sketch Saturday sketch over at Club Anya and Friends and it was a really fun one to use, I may be bringing it out again for future valentines cards (it's that time of year so I am sure there will be plenty of valentines themed challenges to come) I have used the same XO DP from my MDUC card and the sentiment stamp is from a random set I had in my stash. The MS punch got an airing again today and that's about it... except for the glitter, which you cannot see!!!!! I have had a very angry evening with everything technical, we acquired a new computer yesterday and I just tried using it for the first time, it took ages to figure out how to even get the damn Internet working, then it would not log me into my e-mail, so I sat and screamed and yelled and called it several names which I would make a truck driver blush and would have given it a damn good kicking if it's proud new father were not in the room, GGGGGRRR!!! Anyways, not I have vented a little (I still want to hit something) I have given her glittery eye shadow and glittered her top so it is not just plain white IRL and her little burgundy shoes, which are too sweet, also got a decent dos of the sparkles. This was the first tie I had applied make up to a stamp but when I leaned in close she whispered to me "give me eyeshadow... and make it sparkle" so who was I to argue :)

So, thanks for looking and I hope all your technical equipment is treating you better than mine is!


Sammi said...

This is a lovely lovely card Fran!! Love the softness! Great sketch that one!! Love the way you coloured Charlotte... sorry to hear that technology has been giving you grief! But... you got there! YAY!!

chelemom said...

This is sooooooo cute!!!

Cheryl said...

So cute,love your colouring and fab design!!!

Debbie Pamment said...

Fabulous job with her - hope the relay hasn't got you pooped yet - LOL!!!

Tracey Feeger said...

Man - I commented in the galleria but not here. Great creation. Love how you have used the CA&F sketch.

stephanne said...

Buahahahahaha, your frustrations are hilarious!!! Or should I say that how you tell about them is, I can't do new electronics, I get so mad soooo fast, like, red in the face, shaking, fists balled ready to punch something. Hard!!! Well, good luck with your new PC, I hope it grows on you quickly!! Your card is beeeautiful, fab papers and layout and that stamp of yours, you better have a talk with her!! It isn't right for her to use her cuteness to get her way, lol.
Peace out,