Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Award time...

I would like the thank the wonderful and amazingly talented Stephanne for this award. Make sure you check out her work HERE, everything is so stunning you have to stop to say wow!

With this award I am required to tell you 5 interesting things about myself, I cannot guarantee they will all be interesting, but here goes;
  1. I have 7 piercings. They are very addictive and I would have more but I am running out of places that I am willing to pierce.
  2. I was nearly 20 when I first dyed my hair, now it changes on a regular basis, blonde to black and everything in between, depending on my mood.
  3. I also love paper, and did not realise how deep the paper thing went until something Stephanne said about wrapping presents made me stop and go 'wow, it's worse than I thought'
  4. I love The Little Mermaid, it is my favourite Disney movie EVER! I have a crystal cabinet with an entire shelf devoted to little mermaid snow globes and figurines, but I am still hunting for a snow globe I saw probably 10 years ago.
  5. I love Terry Pratchett novels, I am halfway through his latest book. My fave would have to be 'The Thief of Time', which is also the first one I read (that's not why it is my fave, it's just a coincidence)

Well, there you go, I'm not sure they are interesting, but I did think of 5!

I am going to pass this on to;

Tracey - I especially love her work with Magnolia and Greeting Farm stamps, I think I will have to hold her responsible for my growing love of the Greeting Farm, I bought a couple on a whim and now I can't get enough of them!

Sammi - Another friend of the farm who consistently produces beautiful work

Debbie P - Debbie makes some of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen, I'm still stalking :)

Please visit these wonderful ladies blogs, you will not be disappointed when you see their amazing creations!


stephanne said...

Sweet, you've found the award. I get all impressed with myself for actually blogging them and then don't pass them all the way on!! By the way, your bubbies are impossibly cute...
Have a great day!!

Tracey Feeger said...

hahaha I loved reading something about you Fran. Thanks for the award. Will get my A into gear and post up later.

Now now don't blame me for your addiction to TGF stamps - I probably have a bigger addiction than you. LOL.

Sammi said...

Awww thanks Fran - I enjoyed reading your 5 interesting points :D
I just realised I have not passed on the last award... oopsie! Will have to think up some interesting facts tonight and do a post tomorrow!
Yup - The Greeting Farm stamps are AWESOME! A good addiction to have. lol!