Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mmm... cupcakes

Thursday was my future mother-in-law's birthday so i thought i would whip her up some cupcakes, and because i was feeling particularly fancy i got out the piping bag and piped the frosting on rather than my usual smearing with a knife. I was so pleased with the final product i thought i would take a photo and show them off.


While i was at it i thought i would show off some other baked treats from the boys first birthday, can you guess the theme? yep, it was sesame street, mostly because i am a huge fan of anything Muppet, always have been, but the boys think they are pretty good to. They have been caught kissing Elmo on the TV more than once :)

Here are my Elmo cookies. They were originally cookie monster cookies but i wanted to do Elmo as i had other plans for cookie monster. It just meant i had to add a nose and make the "fur" red.

Here is a close up of one.

I mentioned i had other plans for cookie monster, and here it is:

Cookie Monster cupcakes surrounded by "cookie" cupcakes. Isn't he too cute :)

And now for the crowning glory, the birthday cake:

I had tried to plan this out for months but ended up winging it. I loved the cute little characters and it ended up being a mostly monster cake (i can see Ernie and Big Bird snuck in amongst the monsters)

And here are my little monsters admiring their cake, it was nearly as big as them and complete overkill but i did not care, they only get one first birthday and i wanted it to be special

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stephanne said...

Oh my gosh, that cake is fantastical!!! Bigger than them, sure, but totally fab!! Ellias (my kid) is over here freaking out because I made him elmo and cookie monster cupcakes for his second birthday!! Paper addicts, sesame street baked goods fetish, anything else we share??