Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little something I made earlier

So, I kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while there but I have finally got myself organised and I think I might even get back to crafting, we will see how I go :) Would you like to see what I have been up to since I have been gone.....
Ta-Da!! I had another baby. Her name is Kisa Alexandra. This is her when she was a few days old.

... and at 3 months

... and a few days ago at 6 months ago with her very proud big brothers. We are all completely in love, she is so fabulous and easy going.
So, i hope to be back soon with some crafty stuff. I have not made and cards in AGES, but i have a few crafty bits and pieces to show you :)

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Loz said...

congratulations!! she's a sweetheart! and look at those super proud big brothers, if they're anything like mine they'll be teaching her to climb the couch before 1 and climbing trees at 17 months!!! :) xx