Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing Mummie Christina

Hello everyone, welcome to our Lil Haunts 2 previews... ummm, you will have to forgive me, my mind is elsewhere, I was just gazing longingly at the picture in my last post (ok, it was the last one when I was typing this up, I seem to have gotten myself all in a bother and wrote these posts up in the wrong order... I wonder what could have caused that :-P.... Oh damn, I keep going back to look again, what is wrong with me!!!) I am off to have a cold shower in a minute, why do I do these things to myself, LOL!!!
This little darlin' is Mummie Christina, I have coloured her up with my new W shades of copics, I got them a few weeks ago and boy have they gotten a workout! 
Make sure you head on over to the blog and check out all the gorgeous work from the pink ladies!!


ellabella said...

Totally gorgeous - just love everything about this card.

michael said...

hihi die vind ik grappig