Sunday, March 20, 2011


Sorry for my absence everyone, I have had a sinus infection for probably the last 6 weeks (apparently it is enjoying hanging out with me and shows no signs of wanting to leave, lol) but it has only been the last week or so it is really giving me grief. Unfortunately it means I cannot sit and craft and even sitting at the computer is pretty unpleasant (I guess if I had payed more attention when they were teaching us to touch type in school I would be fine but considering I can't type without looking at the keys I'm screwed, who would have thought it would come in handy?!)
So, hopefully I will be back in the land of crafting and blogging soon, I have so many pretty stamps begging to be played with, it's killing me!
Today was supposed to have a MDUC day for me but it did not happen, we have a gorgeous sketch to play with, please go and check it out and join it with out challenge this week :)

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