Sunday, November 7, 2010

The big day!!!

I have just a couple of quick pic's for you, I will share some more when i get them.
He is me after all the hair and make up magic had been performed and a liberal serving of veil had been applied.
Here is one of y brother walking me down the aisle, I am telling him to say something inappropriate to make me laugh and stop me from crying. I was a giant sook but am proud to say that I did not cry all day, even though I came REALLY close a couple of times throughout the day (so did Glenn, so sweet) and I am even prouder to say I manged to go to the toilet all by myself hahaha!! I know, to much information, but having people help me to pee was something I was dreading (even though everyone does it and everyone has a story about helping someone else, lol)and I am stubborn enough to try and do it on my own! I will be back with more pic's when I get some but I hope this will tide you all over until then :
Also, a huge thanks to everyone who sent us cards and gifts, they were all gorgeous and I will be thanking you all personally for them soon, once I have recovered and returned to what passes for normal around here :)


Karen said...

Oh FRAN Your look so so so beautiful!! Your Dress OMG How gorgeous, I love it, I love it!! hehehe Had to laugh about the going to the loo bit - I was like you.... and I too, managed to "go" all by myself!! hahhahah It sounds like you had the bestest eva day!! So glad it was great sunny weather!! Can't wait to hear more and see more pic's!! and Congratulations!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY

Maria Therese said...

Congrats!! Wow your dress is beautiful!!

Tracey Feeger said...

Oh Fran you make a beautiful bride. What gorgeous photos. Love your dress and WTG on the crying. I know I did the same thing on my wedding day until my hubby did a speech and I lost it LOL. Congratulations once again.

Debbie Pamment said...

I KNEW you would look gorgeous - how could you NOT!!! Thanx sooo much for showing us some pics soo quickly! Am sooooo happy for you and glad to hear you had a GREAT day!

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

Fran you look absolutly STUNNING!!!! I love your dress too you hot mumma!! You did good, I cried all the way down the isle LOL.
Kristy xo

montygonza said...

Congratulation Fran, your dress was amazing and you looked gorgeous and very beautiful on your wedding.

You both look great and I am sure you will have a wonderful marriage full of blessings.

Kylie said...

Oh Fran you are an absolutely STUNNING bride! Your dress is to die for. So glad all your searching paid off! Can't wait to see pics of your boys!! Congrats again hun and glad it all went well.

Luv Kylie xo

kaylou said...

Ooooh Fran you look gorgeous, big congratulations Hunny. Can't wait to see some more pics.
Hugs Kaylou xoxo

Jackie Thomas said...

Congratulations Fran, you look stunning. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see more pics. Hugs Jackie

Aussie Loz said...

Congratulations Fran! Your dress looks stunning and I love your hair and tiara! Can't wait to see some more! ♥

Jane said...

WOW! Fran you look so gorgeous hun and it sounds like your day was perfect! Can't wait to see some more photos! happy honeymooning! xxx

Renkata said...

You look so happy and beautiful.

Debbie Dolphin said...

you look so lush. Am justing catching up. I hope you had a fantastic day xxx
love debbie xxx

mycardz said...

OMGoodness!! You're a beautiful bride! WOW, lucky new hubby. I hope your wedding went off without a hitch and it is now a very happy memeory for the two of you. HUGE congrats. I was stopping by to say how much I loved your wedding party TY card from the 7KCF challenge blog ... but, something tells me you're a little too busy to read this! hehehe Congrats Fran! hugz, Mary

Ellen said...

Hello Fran,

It is a little bit late but GONGRATULATIONS WITH YOUR WEDDING!!!!