Saturday, July 17, 2010

new Etsy store!

Hi everyone, just wanted to tell you have an etsy store for my headbands!! Thanks to everyone who said such wonderful things and encouraged me to do it. I have only listed a couple of things to start with so wish me luck!! There is a link in my side bar if your interested in taking a look :) (and yes, I know, the photos are terrible but it's the best we could do )


Chantelle said...

Well done Fran - hope you have lots of sucess - Etsy is so much fun. Your head-bands look great and so do the photo's - it's nice to see how they sit - all the best. x

Kellie Winnell said...

WHOO HOO congrats hun! Absolutely stunning! Have gone and bought mine and no doubt another for mini me when she sees them!

Hugs xx

Kylie said...

Oh wow Franny baby! You go girl! I'm off to check them out. Best of luck hun and I hope you're keeping well.

Hugs Kylie ox

Farm Girl said...

bugger I missed out! Can't wait to see more so I can snag a few :)

Farm Girl said...

Fran, are you able to tell me where you got the pattern from? I'd love to have a go myself (bored lonely wife of a shift worker lol) I would not sell them or take business away from you at all!! promise.
my email is